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Corey Koepper, Alexander Gheesling, Nicholas Coogan

Greetings! I write and direct films with Para Noir Pictures, the indie production company I co-founded in Brooklyn, in addition to producing and editing TV promos for ABC News marketing.


Above all, I believe in the power of personal storytelling. I am a firm believer that the world can be changed by those who show what they see, through forms of expression that are uniquely and undeniably of their own voice. Storytelling can help us understand our ever-changing world and one another, along with providing a platform for diverse voices.

In particular, I enjoy environments that encourage creative and technical innovation, and working with collaborators who love exploring new ways to tell stories.


I couldn't be more thrilled to have the resources made available by the digital and online era, which I hope allow us to collaborate and explore the new, exciting ways we can inspire and connect with others.

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